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Glad you're here! I'm Marie and I'm a simple mama stumbling ungracefully, yet proudly, through this thing called life.  Balancing work, family, & myself one hot mess at a time.  Agreeing to just own it and lovin' life all at the same time! 

I’m a wife, fiercely devoted & slightly crazy mother of two, a girl who tries to keep it simple, while aiming to create a home for all of my favorite peeps to

come just as they are!

I'm hoping that you're here to join this amazing community of like-minded,

down-home sisters DIY-ing our way along this journey. You in?!

So what's our deal?

Cottage Market's Goal

  • To have fun & share in the fun with others

  • To keep sh*t simple!

  • To inspire women to just own it. We are all unique & we are all beautiful!

  • To remind my fellow mamas that none of us ever really have it together (well, at least I don't)

  • Teach my like-minded moms that DIY home & beauty products are actually EASY and TIME-SAVING!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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