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DIY Summer Skincare eCourse

Did you know it takes less than 5 minutes to make most skincare items in your kitchen?!

Quicker than a trip to Target!


Yep. It's actually cheaper to make your own shit. For you AND the whole family! Sign up early & get 35% off too!

As moms and women we always put our self care on the back burner. Ditch the mom guiilt and make some bath & beauty products to get that glowing skin you want this summer! Did we mention we have recipes for the whole family too?



of the month

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

April 29th - May 4th

Get access to over 4 eCourses, 10 eBooks, 8 Printable Packs, 8 Planners, 9 Workbooks, 3 Membership Sites and Summits for ONLY $29.95.  I love what I got out of my bundle ladies, no bullshit! The Lazy Genius, Create & Cultivate (hello power sheets and planners!) and so much more from small business and amazing women. Home goodies from women who actually know what's up! 

Stuck at Home Survival Bundle

Quarantine help for all

Um, yes please! Trying to work from home, home school the kids, and NOT go stir crazy? This bundle really is a survival guide ya'll. No bullshit.  7 different products for kids' resources, a screen-time formula (what?!) and home school help, organization and planning, emergency medial information, self-care for moms, and a TON of other shit you hoped you never needed, but now you do!  A $500 value for only $29.97..I'm in! Are you? 

Children's Non-Profit

Charity Auction

Find out how amazing Amy is with her childhood charity Superheroes Believe In Miracles - Gifting birthday boxes to children battling mental & physical illness.  Amy hosts a Facebook Group auctioning off handmade gifts for you to purchase.  Proceeds are used as a means to offset shipping costs of the over 180 gift boxes shipped out each month!

About Me

Wife, mother of two, down-home family girl, holding it all together one day and one F-bomb at at time!

Chugging along through this awesome journey we call motherhood - attempting to find my balance between being present and working hard to get to where I want.  And lets be honest, I have absolutely no fucking clue how to do that! And that's ok.

Obsessed with all things DIY,  inspirational quotes, and sharing motherhood moments

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Digital Downloads

Prints, Quotes, Calendars, & more

Fun Bath & Body

Use for gifts, party favors, & um..yourself!

Workshops & Courses

Online courses coming soon!

Over a $700 value for only $49.95
  • 29 ebooks
  • 4 printables
  • 7 ecourses!
I am in LOVE with this bundle as an affiliate I make a small comission if you use this link to purchase (like..super small) but I only promote this product because IT"S AWESOME!!!!
'Nuff said.

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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