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But BEFORE you go...

We've come up with some cute ideas on how and where to use this lotion!  

  1. At-home Spa day anyone?

    • pamper yourself and your fav females in the comforts of your own home! Host a spa day and whip up some lotions, scrubs, and tasty treats.  Wann check out more receipes?  We have five sugar scrubs that anyone can make!

  2. Birthday Party Favors!

    • I have a young daughter and she is all about feeling girly so we love making these lotions into party favors for her little girlfriends. 

  3. Baby Shower / Wedding Shower Favors

    • Baby bump, wedding spa, you get the idea ladies.  We love keeping life simple so why not DIY some of your favors?  Pair with cute containers and labels, bam. You're done.

  4. Gifts for ....anyone!

    • Mother's day is just around the corner.  Didi I mention summer, birthday's, holidays, whatver! You get the point.  Pair this lotion with our sugar scrubs and you have a handmade present that is thoughtful and cost-saving (dare I say it).

If you are like me and love you some simple DIYs, maybe you get a little geeked out by 'em (I mean, who doesn't love creating something cool AND saving themselves some cash right?) - come back and browse the Cottage again on your free time for some more DIY recipes, motherhood moments, and a fun-loving, in your face community!

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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