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10 Ways to Decorate with Printables

Updated: Mar 26

Fun and creative ways to use printable downloads as home decor! Ideas to design and decorate your space with something that probably cost you less than $5...ummm...I'm in!

I'm a sucker for a good deal, I mean...who isn't right? Combine that deal with some DIY home decor and I'm ALL in!

What is a printable? A printable is an image someone created online for you to download and print off yourself. But once you buy it, they are yours to print and use as often as you like.

That's it. Printables can come in SO many forms, from watercolor paintings, labels, gift tags, games, postcards, signs, quotes...I mean it's endless.

Printables I'm focusing on for home decor are mostly images/paintings or quotes.

Check out these 10 fun ideas on how you can rethink or reuse your printables in your own home.

Looking for some printables first? Check some out at the Market after you find your idea here.

1. Frame for a Gallery Wall

I mean, this one is kind of obvious right? You get a pretty picture and what's the first thing you want to do with it? Frame it and display it. Either pick up a frame from the dollar store, make your own frame, or splurge on a nice one. Add this to your Gallery Wall to break up the layout a bit or create a gallery wall full of different printables!

2. Decorative Tray

These trays are everywhere in thrift stores. Using modge podge, glue your image to the bottom of the tray for a unique feel. These trays can be used in the bathroom, for your remotes, as just another display, or on end tables.

3. Cards for your gift

I hate taking the time to buy cards for my gifts. Lazy, I know, but it happens. Print your printable out on some card stock and make a thoughtful card for your loved one. It's probably even cheaper than buying the Hallmark card! These cute ideas below can be purchased on Etsy.

4. The actual gift

I wouldn't recommend combining #3 and #4 unless you're giving money :) But really, find a quote or picture that you know will mean a lot to your friend, frame it, and gift them a fun present on a budget little lady!

5. Candles

Using either modge podge again, acrylic gel medium (super easy tutorial here), or tape transfer, cast your printable image onto a candle holder. Spruce it up and light it up.

6. Shower Favors

Printables cost maybe $5 at the most. Purchase once and print as many times as you need to. Perfect for when you need to make multiples of something!! Shrink 'em or leave full size then either frame them or add to something fun as a gift tag/label. Give your shower guests a home decor item they will actually use!!

7. Wood Sign

Here I am with Modge Podge again. See a pattern here? I can't help myself! Back your printable with wood or even better...transfer it to wood! I have used this method here a bunch of times and will never look back. All you need is modge podge or Acrylic medium and some patience. Check out the link for a how-to!

8. Coasters

Purchase single tiles at any thrift store and add your printable with modge podge. I've even used really pretty coasters as wall decor. Why not, right?

9. Bedside Table Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little push when we wake up in the morning. If you get inspiration from inspirational quotes or from pretty pictures, buy your printable and frame it on your bedside table to see before you go to bed and first thing when you wake up to slay the day!

10. Jewelry Holder

I say jewelry holder here, but really I'm talking about anything that has a back to it. You can even put this on a drawer bottom and hang on your wall for dimensional art. This photo below is from an Etsy shop that makes amazing jewelry holders. This one has a chevron pattern to it, but you can put a quote or any image you want on it!

The possibilities are endless and they don't stop at just ten ideas. Now that we've opened the flood gates, let your mind keep on wandering!

Tried any of these ideas? Come back and let us know how it went!!!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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