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5 Ways to Use Sugar Scrubs

Updated: Apr 13

Think sugar scrubs are just for you body? Well girl, you are mistaken! Read on to see how else you can use these amazing natural exfoliates! AND don't forget to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE recipe cheat sheet!

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So to preface this, not all sugar scrubs are made the same or with the same ingredients. I've realized that by just adding one or two different ingredients, you've changed the whole ball game. (and speaking of two ingredients, can I mention our post on 2-ingredient teeth whitening recipe? amazing!)

For instance, by only adding a bit o' honey, my scrub is much thicker and works wonders (and I do mean WONDERS) on my flip-flop-loving, barefoot goddess, horribly cracked-heeled, feet! So, what other ways and places can you use your sugar scrubs?

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Well, here we go:

1. Lip Scrubs

Honestly, I never even knew this was a thing until my friend Pinterest showed me! I used to exfoliate my dry winter lips with my toothbrush (which is still a good trick by the way!) and then I found a Wine Lip Scrub.

You had me at the alcohol to be honest! But I digress... Lip scrubs are usually very similar in ingredients to your basic sugar scrub, but maybe a little thicker consistency - which translates to just adding more coconut oil!

Looking for a lip scrub recipe? This one isn't in our guide because it's so simple! But follow the link to our favorite Wine Lip Scrub!

2. Sea Salt & Sugar Scrub

What's the difference in scrubbing power between salt & sugar? You gotta try it out and you'll see on the first shot! Salt seems to be a bit more of a tougher scrub.

Which comes in handy on your tough summer skin, or dried out winter look. For our recipe guide, we chose Dead Sea Salt but there are many types to go for - Pink Himalayan is another fav!

3. Honey Sugar Scrub Lotion

Agh! Did I mention this was my favorite?! You absolutely have to check this one out on our recipe cheat sheet, if ONLY for this one recipe!

Honey is a natural antibacterial so, ya know, probably a good idea for your feet!

But it also does wonders for making your skin silky smooth because it's extremely moisturizing (hence the "lotion" addition to it's name).

Now I don't use this as a facial scrub just because I was "blessed" with very oil skin (thanks ma) but if you suffer from dry skin, go ahead and try it on your face too, you may have a new love! (just maybe make 2 different tubs if you want to use this for both your feet and your face :) but you already knew that).

4 & 5. Facial Scrubs

So, I'm giving you a two-for here because I'm an indecisive person! Our cheat sheet has both a Sugar Lemon Scrub & a Milk Cleansing Scrub.

4. Lemon Sugar: As mentioned above, I suffer from oily skin and lemon is a must to take care of this issue! Acid in lemons help absorb oil but combined with sugar, this combo also works to lighten any dark spots on your face.

5. Milk Cleansing Scrub: Listen ladies, I know you've done this a time or two because so have I. You use a cleansing cloth on your face and look to see what you just took off of your skin! Ahhh, kinda feels good right...to know that junk is not sitting on you pores? So this scrub is where it's at my friends! The milky scrub cleanses the dirt from your pores and rejuvenates your skin tone all while being gentle enough to be used daily.

So, are you ready to try 'em out? Yeah me too. Just writing this has be pumped to go make a new batch of my favs! Download your recipe guide and get to work.

And did I mention these are SUPER SIMPLE & QUICK?! Duh, I mean what mom has time for some dragged out beauty routine?

Not this mama! Maybe one day...actually who am I kidding, I probably wouldn't take that long even if my kids weren't up my ass constantly ;)

Happy mixing girls! Let me know what you think!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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