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Are You a Strong Woman?

Updated: Mar 26

What terms would your family or friends use to describe you? Would a "strong female" be among any of those words? I hope so. And if it isn't yet, then here's some simple thoughts to get there.

Because being a mom and a woman is the embodiment of strength. You have it in you, we all do. Maybe we just need to give some some ideas to help you find it girl. I know you are strong! I know you have accomplished some shit no one else has. Think about it. What is one thing you've made it through in you life that's left you feeling like an ultimate bad ass? Maybe it actually left you feeling drained and depressed, but if you made it through that depression, or are still fighting it, well girl, that's some pretty bad ass shit. You are a strong woman!

A Simple Road to Inner Strength

As you may already know, I'm all about inspiring women to be their natural selves. And from this stems my one simple idea or mindset to kick us on a path towards inner strength. And what is it? Loving yourself with no excuses! So you have something about you you wish wasn't there. Who doesn't?!! Remind yourself of that and move along. No need to dwell on it. Loving yourself completely is not acting like nothing bothers you (you're not a robot). It's realizing that even with that thought or 'flaw' nothing can bring you down!

And while I myself am getting better at this every day, it's still something I have to keep working on. No matter what strong woman you look up to, I can guarantee she still has her days of doubts where she just needs a little pick me up or reminder to shut down her inner critic. You are not alone!

As moms and hard-working, busy women, we all need validation some days that we really are the bad ass chicks we say we are. Is it overconfident if I call MYSELF a strong woman? Maybe some would think so. But maybe I don't care. And neither should you! We all have areas of strength and weaknesses. If you believe in yourself and accept yourself just the way you are, with no excuses, you too are a strong woman mama.

If you need validation or second-guess yourself than isn't that the opposite of strength? Nah. That is just human nature. As long as we don't dwell in the negative, and know how to keep our head up and move forward with grace, than that is where the strength comes in. Being a strong woman is not about never failing or never questioning yourself. Strong women will second-guess their decisions, make wrong decisions, and even get down on themselves. BUT, we know this is just a part of life and we are never the sum of our mistakes! (more on this in a later blog post!).

Blessed to be Raised by TWO Strong Women

So who are my favorite strong women? Well, my mom for one. Yes I think she's crazy and see her struggle with self confidence, but I also see her get up every day and put her feet to the ground. At 71, she has a bad hip and a bad knee, but she refuses to do anything but get out of bed and keep it movin. She even still goes to work! (a nurse for 50 years! 50 years! that's crazy). And I also remind myself this, she has lived a whole lifetime before me that I know nothing about. After losing her mom at a young age and taking care of her brother and sister, I can't even begin to know what strength that took. Although she drives me insane (I say this lovingly), she is one tough mother!

The other tough woman who helped raise me? My "Auntie". My dad's sister, a single woman who never married, she moved in with my parents when I was just seven. This woman embodies strength and simplicity. I swear she could have been a nun. Or a saint. She is your typical old Maltese grandma trying to feed everyone, taking care of others, and never uttering a bad word. I am amazed daily by her strength!

A now I hope I may pass this strength on to my daughter one day! Showing her through my actions, and letting her know that all women are strong. We just show it in different ways.

Any strong women you need to acknowledge? Let us know!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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