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Create an At-home Spa Day

Updated: Apr 13

Pass the time by pampering yourself & the family with this fun party idea!

Lately we are all feeling a littly cagey, am I right? But I have been super impressed with our ability to make the most of things!

This week, I'm throwing my daughter and I a little at-home spa / pamper party!

(I invited my husband and my son but they weren't really into it...boys. lol)

So party for 2? At home? In the comfort of my yoga pants and hanging with my daughter?


I first heard of pamper parties last year. I mean, we all remember those amazing sleep overs when we were younger right? Face masks, hair styles, giving our friends "makeovers", and painting our nails.

Pamper parties are just like that. Some girls go all out, but this chick is keepin' it simple. And cheap (my life's motivations)!

So here are some simple ideas to get the party started and then some recipes to keep it goin' ladies!

Party Treats

Who doesn't want sweets? It's like a pamper for your appetite. Whip up what you have in the cupboard (I chose some ooey gooey brownies..heaven).

I'm having some buyers remorse though, totally wish I woulda made some ice cream sundaes instead! Oooh, or even better - combined my brownies with the sundaes!

You can take this to the next level too if you want (or if you have extra time on your hands, quarantine anyone?)

Display your treats on a cute plate or add some cupcake toppers and sprinkels. Make it fancy like you really are at a party!


Add the drinks! I'm partial to margaritas or mixed drinks but ya know...do your own thing girl!

I made some pink lemonade for my daughter and added some drink umbrellas I had on hand (totally random shit to have in your house but it actually worked in my favor this time! Who knew..)

OK, so now for the Spa!

Beauty Ideas

I don't think ya'll need me to help you out on this one, we all have beauty products we've been dying to get to, but I'm gonna throw out some fun ideas that are easy to do from home with any little ones in tow.

1. Mani / Pedis

Maybe you don't have all of the tools your nail salon does, but if you have a nail file, some nail polish, & hand lotion..make it work!

Even more, you can toss a bath bomb into a bowl of warm water and soak you nails, or your feet, like you do at the salon!

Bath bombs are full of natural mositurizers, like coconut oil. I'm sure your hard-working fingers could use it. I know mine can...they're like man-hands the way I abuse my nails.

2. Nail Art

Add some easy designs on your nails too if you can! 5 dots and you have a flower, my daughter loves flowers on her nails! Or if you need it even easier than that...use 2 blobs to make a heart ;)

3. Facials or Face Masks

I gotta admit, I've never done the cucumber facial, but I really want to try one - just gotta get the cucumbers to my house. And I'm also gonna guess that ya'll are trying to save your fresh veggies for eating.

So I haven't tried that facial, but I have tried a TON of homemade face masks! And here are my top 5 recipes below:

So, I know there are a few more ways to pamper yourself and extend your home spa day, but these were all my favorites. I mean, chocolate, booze, nails, and facials...what more can a girl ask for?!

Oh, I know. How about having all of that fun in the comforts of my own home with my 7 year old daughter?!

Let us know how your at-home spa goes! Post in the comments below what goodies you had at your own spa!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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