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Mindset Monday - Faith Over Fear

Updated: Mar 26

"There is not enough room in your mind for both faith and fear. You must choose which one will live there."

It is a scientific fact that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time! So...in terms of setting goals for yourself, most of our biggest challenges comes from our own minds. We all struggle with self-doubt, I don't care who you are. Yes some struggle more than others, but it happens to all of us at one time or another.

Especially when we set big goals. I myself have set the biggest goal of my life this year in turning my business into a full time gig I can support my family on...and actually take a real-life vacation. Like we covered in the last post, action creates momentum!

Insert our Mindset Shift

This is where I have decided to share my most inspirational mindset shift with you, in hopes it will help other women reach their own goals (big or small), overcome anxiety, and just feel good about yourself!

Where did this all start for me? Well, about two years ago I noticed that my hair was thinning. For women who don't have this problem, it may sound trivial but really think about it before you judge.

We look at our hair as a sense of self and for those women struggling with hair loss, it can be crippling. At the same time, I was also dealing with PCOS andhealth issues with my young son and I didn't know how to deal, so I went into a deep depression.


After swallowing that lump of fear in my throat and going to see a therapist, my life slowly and intentionally began to turn around. (I say 'intentionally' because I had to put in some real though and work. Shit doesn't just happen overnight :P ).

But part of my intentional thought was in changing my mindset. I mean, that's literally what therapy is all about. If you want to get out of a depression, you HAVE to change the way you think (also sometimes meds help when it's chemical. Mine was a combo of both so don't ever feel shameful to admit you need extra help with medication. For some, it is a must and you do not ever feel ashamed mama!...but I digress).

So I began to put in the work and shift my mindset. Maybe you're asking right now what a mindset really is? It is just a fancy way of saying it's the way you think!

I was choosing to think bad about myself because it was actually easier to believe the negative than to really start saying positive things and challenge myself to believe them.

Think about that one for a sec! How much easier is it to believe you're not enough than to think you deserve good things?! Messed up isn't it?

Most of us are automatically programmed in adulthood to just take the negative self-talk at face value as our truth but that's so twisted. We are so much more than that and we ALL have something beautiful and positive to contribute to this thing called "life". Find it, own it, live it, and love it!


Shift that negative mindset into something positive that will set you on a path towards happiness and success. Oh yeah...and start to combat some of that crippling anxiety! Because you can't get shit done when you're stuck in the fear of failure and too busy worrying about things.

"There is not enough room in our mind for both faith and fear. You must choose which one will live there."

I feel like I should have led with this one cuz this quote sums up all of what I wanted to say right there. Those two things fighting for the same space we mentioned at the top of this post...that's either faith - faith that things will be okay and faith in yourself to BE okay, or it's fear - fear of what may never happen, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.

You attract what you put out into the world. Try shifting your mindset from fear to faith and see what amazing things come back to you! It all starts with our mindset girls. I know you've got this!

So no, I do not take anxiety lightly and I know this monster is a life-long battle for most. But I really believe and look at positive mindsets as a tool to help. You can never have too many tools in your arsenal right?

Anyone else trying to conquer some negative mindset? I know I am not alone.

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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