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DIY Chalk Paint

Updated: Apr 29

Quite literally the MOST simple recipe I can offer you! Give your little ones a new experience with chalk paint instead of just boring old sidewalk chalk.

My family loves sidewalk chalk. Acutally...I love sidewalk chalk and try to get the kids to join me. Works sometimes, but anyways, if your kids like doodling outside too, then this post is for you my friend!

We have two options for ya here depending on what you have in your pantry or what you DON'T want to use from your pantry ;)

So how do you make these chalk paints? Simple.

Recipe 1:

You still have to purchase sidewalk chalk for this recipe but the kind you buy only matters on what outcome you want.

If you want bright paints, I would recommend splurging on the Crayola brand chalk, but if you just want an activity to get the kids off of you and get them outside, then buy the cheap stuff.

Take a cheese grater and grate your chalk into the container you want your paint to be in, making sure there are no large chunks of chalk left.

Then slowly add some warm water a little bit at a time.

Mix really well and then have some fun. Told ya it was simple!

Recipe 2:

  • 1 Cup cornstarch

  • 1 Cup water

  • drops of food coloring

  • Squirt bottle

Add cornstarch and water together and mix really well.

Add your food coloring and stire (I like the neon gel food coloring but any will work).

We put ours in squirt bottles from the dollar store because this paint is really runny but we had a blast squirting it all over!

BONUS Recipe 2 1/2:

  • 1 Cup flour

  • 1 Cup water

  • drops of food coloring

Giving you a bonus recipe in case you don't have cornstarch or don't use your flour that much.

This recipe comes out much thicker so you can put this sidewalk chalk paint in a muffin tin and get to work with paint brushes.

This may last a little longer on your sidewalk but it DOES come out. You just need to squirt it off with the hose instead of letting the rain do the job, that's all. No color gets left behind!

Want to add another layer to you arts and crafts hour with the kids?

Use something other than paint brushes for them to experiment with! Literally anything. Potatoes, q-tips, fingers, spray bottles.. whatever you can imagine.

I feel like making chalk paint is just another way to entertain the kids. Ever notice how sometimes when they say they are "bored" and you offer suggestions they always say no?!

But if you offer a new suggestions, their little ears seem to just perk up a little more!

Next time they come at you with "I'm bored", whip out your new sidewalk chalk paint my friend!

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