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DIY Easter Basket Goodies

Updated: Apr 13

Great ideas to save you money and keep you from going out when you don't have to!

My kids love candy. Duh. But while they still get candy in their Easter baskets, I like it much better when the easter bunny remembers to leave them some different every now and then!

So this week, I'm dishing out ideas for the "easter bunny" to hopefully put in our baskets this year!

And I know what you're thinking...when can I make these with the kids constantly around? Can you stay up an extra hour at night? Maybe try to sneak a project in while you kick the kids outside to play? Maybe sneak off in your room while they are on their screens!

Truth be told...I have no fucking clue how to get away from my kids under quarantine but the screen time seems to work like a gem. No judgment from this mama!

And to take another load off, I tried to make this list extra long than originally planned for. So here's hoping you can find something easy on our list of 15 Easter basket goodies! Good luck!

Here's our list of simple ideas anyone can make from home, that won't take a ton of time or energy.

1. Brownies or Cupcakes

I've had this box of brownies in my pantry I've been dying to get to for weeks. While I just commented about trying to avoid the extra sugar, you can always make non-boxed brownies with greek yogurt, etc. I'm not a health nut and hate cooking so I'm no help there but you've got this girls.

2. Cookies

There are so many options here, I don't even need to tell you. Do what works for you and what you know your kids will like. Maybe make 'em a tiny bit different or add a new twist this once so they don't notice how much the Easter bunny and mom bake alike?

3. Puffy Paint or...any art supply

If you missed last week's blog post, we taught you how to make puffy paint for the kids with only 3 simple ingredients you likely already have at home! Check it out here!

4. Edible Lip Balm

Once again I' m going back to our past blog posts :) With Kool-aid, honey, and coconut oil you can make some cute lip balms that are safe for young kids under 4! If you have older kids, you can even just mix Vaseline with Kool-aid for tinted lip gloss!

Edible Lip Balm

5. Playdoh

We made playdoh soap on our video Tutorials page here. But regular playdoh is a breeze to make. I found this great link to create your own playdoh from Living Well Mom for the baskets. If you don't have cream of tarter, One Littel Project has an amazing marshmallow playdoh recipe! Either way, playdoh is always a winner!

6. Jello Slime

I'm gonna be honest here, I've never made slime. Mostly because I never have borax on hand. So if you are NOT like me and have some borax from previous slime recipes or ....whatever you use borax for...slime is a great DIY option for easter baskets! I know there are a million slime recipes available on Pinterest, but this Jello Slime recipe is the first I've seen thanks to PagingFunMums. Jello, this stuff you can use everywhere!

7. Tic Tac Toe Rocks

This is one of my favorite pins I saved from Pinterest. Painted rocks with a tic tac toe board! ChickenScratchNY uses a wood piece but you can use paper, sidewalk chalk, whatver you want for a board!

My kids and I LOVE to paint rocks but I wasn't sure if anyone else was weird like us lol.

We paint them for our fairy garden or you can use them to put in fish tanks, vegetable gardens, bohemian designs, whatever you want!

8. Costume Items (Face masks, Capes, Magic Wands..)

Paper plates, fabric, brown paper bag...really whatever you can think of to create eye masks for you kiddos to turn them into superheros, butterflies, tigers, or fairies. Use some popsicle sticks or a real stick and glue a star on top for a majic wand. Got any old shirts or sheets? Cut 'em up, use some good ol' duct tape or washi tape and make a cape!

These princess wands from Made to be Mama totally make me want to get to work! Plus they are easy to make while hiding from the kids!

9. Crayon Shapes

My kids suck at keeping crayons in one piece. Don't they all? So round up the old crayons I know you have all over, peel the paper off, chop em up, and throw into a heat-safe mold you may have (silicone molds, old muffin tins, use your imagination). I had a star mold that I bought from the Dollar Tree. The Pretty Bee uses cupcake liners to keep her muffin tins entact and crate cute crayon cupcakes! Try 'em out!

ThePrettyBee: Recycled Crayon Cupcakes

9. Clay Pieces

There is so much sh*t you can make with clay. If you are artsy or a DIY addict, I'm assuming you have some on-hand. Create round different shapes, imprint with various objects, or paint designs on you clay. Bowls, jewelry, ring dishes, doll accessories...whatever you can think of. Leave a whole up top, let it dry, and string your jewelry. Done!

10. Bead or String Bracelets

Anyone want a throw back? Friendship bracelets ya'll! I still love these even as an adult! My kids are also into those bracelets you make with the tiny rubberbands (Crazi-looms). And of course the original, beaded jewelry!

11. Sharpie Art

T-shirts, pillow, coffee mugs - you know which one your kids will like most! Even paint an old cup or tin to use for storage. Although a quick disclaimer: any sharpie art with fabric sometimes requires rubbing alcohol to "blend" colors. Not a requirement but if you don't feel like using up a prime coronavirus agent...go for the coffe mug or plain sharpie shirt. Just sayin' All you need is the chosen material and a sharpie. Easy peasy!

12. No-sew Hair Ties

I know this is only for the girls but if you have a daughter, create headbands or hair ties using a tie knot method. This link to The Girl Inspired shows you how to create these by sewing BUT if you use jersey cotton, as shown below, you DO NOT need to sew the edges! Just knot them up and they will still look great. Jersey cotton doesn't really fray!

13. DIY Lava Lamps or Magic Bottles

Use whatever term you want, these are super easy and fun! Water, vegetable oil, and food coloring. You got this mama! This one below from Juggling With Kids was super cute!

JugglingWithKids: Lava Lamp/Magic Bottles

14. Fairy Dust

I recently created these as party favors but anyone can do this! If you want to make a more simple version than those found on the Cottage Market - here are a few extra options:

Option 1: Epsom salt and food coloring

Option 2: Baked sugar & food coloring

Option 3: Left over glitter

Option 4: Baked sugar and sprinkles....use your imagination. You've got this ladies!

15. A Book or Card

I know you've got some good bedtime stories. Write 'em down on paper, any paper, and turn it into a book. No need for perfection here because remember....the Easter bunny is busy!

Whatver it is you decide to try and make, remember this:

Your kids love you, you are an amazing mom, and the Easter bunny can do no wrong (maybe mom can, but not that damn bunny!)

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      ~xoxo Marie

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