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DIY Hair Rinse w/ Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated: Mar 26

Remove the sun, salt, and chlorine this summer to avoid damaging your hair and leave your locks fresh and shiny!

If you're a natural product lover, then you must already know about the million uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar (don't worry if you don't - we've got you covered in upcoming posts).

Well here is one more, a clarifying rinse for your hair.

Of all the things ACV is known for, this was my first encounter with it and needless to say I was hooked. Big time! I'm a midwest girl on a budget so I don't get to the ocean, but I do live outdoors as often as I can in the summer and will find any body of water that suits me - chlorine is a killer for your locks ladies.

This clairfying hair rinse is quite literally the cheapest and easiest natural hair product you could make. All beginers welcome! Mix up your hair rinse by our recipe below and prepare to be amazed.

Now my hair is naturally pretty greasy (yay me, agh) so I will typically use this hair rinse 2-3 times per week, but if you have dryer hair than I would suggest maybe 2-3 times per month. It's all about balance and finding what works best for you. Either way, you will NOT be disappointed with this hair rinse.

I place mine in a little travel shampoo bottle and keep this in my shower, but some folks also like the spray bottle method too. What I do need to warn you about however, is keeping this hair rinse around too long. Anytime you add water to a natural product you risk the opportunity for bacteria to form and your product becoming rancid. While vinegar acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent, I would only make enough rinse to keep on hand for no longer than one month, just in case. I mean hey, this stuff quite literally takes less than one minute to whip up. You got this!

Squirt some of this ACV rinse on your clean hair after shampooing, ensuring that it gets to your roots but adding the rinse all over. I like to rub mine in like a shampoo almost. Let it sit on your scalp/hair for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. Add your conditioner as needed and your all set. This quick few minutes added to your beauty routine have just removed all kinds of gunk and build up from your locks, leaving it healthy, clean, and shiny. 'Nuff said!

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar HAIR RINSE:

  1. Find a small bottle or squirt bottle to fill with your rinse. I bought some travel size shampoo bottles from Walmart for under $2.

  2. Mix apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio with warm water. For instance, my bottle is about 2 oz. I fill 1 oz. with ACV and 1 oz. with water. If you want, you can even eyeball it, it won't hurt. I promise.

  3. Mix this up and you're ready to go!

  4. 4. Apply hair rinse onto roots and all over your locks after shampooing. Allow this to sit on your hair for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

  5. If you use conditioner, apply conditioner afterwards and continue on as usual.

And that's it. Easy peasy!

Have you tired this rinse? Let us know what you think! Any other favorite uses for ACV you want to share? We'd love to hear them!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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