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DIY Whitening Toothpaste

Updated: Mar 26

Saving you money and time - this natural recipe is so easy you can mix it up in seconds with ingredients you already have in your home.

Anyone else call themselves a cheap mother - with pride? Well I do. And when I learned how to make my own tooth whitener without having to spend $30+ on whitening strips, I was super pumped!

My kids even started liking this toothpaste too and will use it in the mornings. Made from ingredients you already have, it's pretty quick and simple to make. I only use baking soda and peroxide for my toothpaste, but some people will mix theirs up with a drop of regular toothpaste too. It's all just about how you want to make it - because of course, its for you.

One thing to note there - I only make enough for a one-time use. Even if you wanted to batch it, this will dry out in hours and be completely disgusting. I usually just keep these ingredients in my bathroom in their own small, separate containers and just mix 'em up each morning (unless of course I'm running late for work. "Yeah right" I say, where's the tube?). If you have some hectic mornings like the rest of us, then just use this paste at night before bed.

For best results you need to use at least 4-5 times per week and give it some time to work before you get results. Now does this take longer than white strips? probably. Does it cost more? Nope! In fact, it costs about $20 less. And it takes almost the same amount of time, maybe a few seconds more, as it would to just squeeze some toothpaste out onto a tube.


1. Baking Soda

Used as a mild abrasive literally everywhere, this helps in removing surface stains from your teeth, creating a natural whitening effect. Baking soda also helps in preventing bacterial growth.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Is able to partially penetrate a deeper layer of your teeth to remove what's causing your discoloration

TIP: Let this paste sit on your teeth for a few extras seconds before rinsing off.

How to make:

If you want to use a recipe, see here:

1 Tsp Baking soda

1/2 Tsp 3% Hydrogen peroxide solution

BUT if you really want to keep it simple and quick, just use your judgement!

Dump one part baking soda (maybe one tsp) into a small container and then slowing add your hydrogen peroxide until you are able to mix into a paste thick enough to stay on your toothbrush. This is usually half the amount of baking soda. It's not rocket science, so if you add too much peroxide, either pour some out into the sink, or just add more baking soda. Easy peasy!

And if you hate the taste, then all you have to do is just squeeze a drop of your store bought toothpaste into your mixture.

Now this may sound weird but I actually hate adding my toothpaste into this whitener. So...as another option, you can brush your teeth with the baking soda/peroxide and then do a quick once over with your toothpaste to feel that minty freshness. It's a mind trick thing that mint taste plays on me. I feel like I won't have bad breath when I do this, but really the baking soda and peroxide alone are more than enough to kill that icky bacteria.

And there ya have it girls, your very own $2.00 teeth whitener!

Any other tricks you want to share about this recipe? Leave a comment and let us know!

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