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Easy Ways to Design Your Space

Read on for some tricks to freshening up your room layouts and decor with a few some simple ideas!

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Whether you're just rearranging the furniture in your bedroom, updating your living room, or just wanting to freshen up a tired space, my girl Ashley from the Joyfully Growing blog says to create a plan first!

I recently purchased her ebook "How to Design a Room from Start to Finish. The Ultimate Guide" with my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and couldn't agree more with how she plans a space! (If you're interested in this ebook, it comes out within the Utlimate Homemaeking Bundle Apr. 29th! Check it out here).

You absolutely need a plan

I'm not a bigger planner by default, but when I'm designing anything, I find myself staring at the space for quite some time before I make my move.

This usually leads to my husband asking what the fuck I'm looking at, but by now he knows :)

Anyways, try to see the space, find your focal point, and then imagine how your furniture can fit around your focal point. Whether you are drawing something out on paper or just visually mapping it, a plan helps! Trust me!

Rethink your old decor in a new way

I get bored really quickly with my rooms. So instead of sweatin' it out and make my ass push furniture around all day, I typically just make new things to add to the walls or organize stuff in a fun way.

Try wandering through each room in your house and see if there is an object not being used to its full potential. If you see this, then try to reimagine how else it could be used.

For example, I have baskets everywhere. One I had in a closet, holding junk that didn't need a basket. So I reused it as wall decor. And my wood candlesticks I was hoarding? I repurposed them to hold my daughter's jewelry.

The possibilities are as many as you can imagine. And if you need a little creative help...there's always our best friend Pinterest!

Get rid of unnecessary shit

Decluttering your home is an art sometimes. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has an entire ecourse on decluttering and cleaning printables. I was in heaven you guys. And when I decluttered my home, I got more space back!

Having more space then allows you to rethink how you are using it and make it more efficient. And pretty. When you can combine efficient AND pretty, you know you've just hit the genius jackpot! So here's to hoping you find your jackpot mama!

Just have fun

The whole point to redesigning your space is to enjoy the outcome. Do what it is that you want and stop worrying about anyone elses' opinions. And I know this is much easier said than done, but don't get all stressed out over it! It's not a big deal and I know you will figure it all out in the end. And remember, nothing is permanent. If you don't like your new designs, you can always repeat the process again :)

Need more DIY decor ideas? We've got you covered!

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