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Inspirational Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 26

Anyone in need of an awesome, quick gift to let your favorite people know you're thinking of them?!

Yes Christmas comes the same time each year and yes, I should be ready considering it is on the calendar every year with no fail, but..... I'm a procrastinator. And I hate it. Anyone else???

Yep! I know you are because we either think alike or live similarly - busy moms, working women, people pleasers, care takers.....the list go on.

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So have no fear my friends. I'm here to list out a couple of cute gift ideas straight from the cottage that will leave your family remembering what a thought-felt gift you gave. Hand made is simple but can truly leave a lasting impression! Think of all of the handmade gifts our kids have given us or you have created for others. They're the best!

And if you're like me, you want to create handmade gifts all of the time. But if you're also like me....ya ain't got no time for it! So, without further adieu, let Cottage Market do the handmade for you.

Natural Body Lotion + Sugar Scrub Gift Set

"Live Life in Full Bloom" - $31.00

We know what meaning and emotions words can bring, so bring your tribe some love and inspiration! Remind your best girlfriend to live life to the fullest. Makes a great gift for any adventurous free-spirit on you list this year.

Body Lotion & Sea Salt & Honey Foot Scrub

"Exist to be happy, not to impress" - ON SALE $25.99

Anyone you know struggle with seeing themselves as great you see them? Send them a gift full of love to appreciate and pamper themselves, while also reminding them to love their true selves. Because we know how awesome they are, it's time they really knew too!

Dog Lover's Gift Box

Natural Pet Grooming Kit - $41.00

Yep, it may seem a little odd to give your friend a huge gift - for their dog - but why not?! Anyone have those dog mamma's who are obsessed with their pets? Or maybe you're the dog lover - this pet grooming kit is a one-of-a-kind gift! Hand-crafted with all natural ingredients to spoil your pooch and keep your house fresh. Try it out, could be a conversation piece and party highlight! It would definitely be a first I can assure you that.

Margarita Sugar Scrub

Natural exfoliate - $19.00

Gift your spirited sister her favorite spirit! This Margarita Sugar Scrub really does smell exactly like a strawberry margarita. Yummy! A little piece of summer in the cold harsh winter that is this Christmas season. I'm down! This is starting to make my mouth water for a real margarita now.

3-Set Sugar Scrub

"Blossom into a Badass" Gift Box - $43.00

A cute gift for your adventurous, free-spirited sister, you know who she is. Send a little humor and encouragement her way with our three-set sugar scrub. Made with natural ingredients, these scrubs send little reminders to be a badass - whether you shower in the am or before bed, it will remind you to crush it!

Need some more inspiration? Keep browsing Cottage Market Co. for other ideas or review some more blog posts. We love unique gifts that aim to inspire, laugh, and leave all women feeling as great as they really are!

Until then, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Good luck gifting and remember to not stress mama! You are loved without giving presents. Give a gift of love - it won't let anyone down!

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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