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Moms Who Swear & Drink

Updated: Mar 26

These are my kinda peeps! The informal mamas who have a heart of gold.

A Balance

There is always a balance in life, so of course take this in stride, but I gladly wear this badge of honor! Why you may ask? Why not? Seriously?

I understand there is a time and place for everything, I am not cursing up a storm in church (when I actually go) or in certain settings and situations - that's called respect, common sense, and professionalism - but this is just me, plain and simple. And I want you to get to know who I really am.

Get Comfy

My point here is that I feel comfortable when women are not afraid to be themselves (and if being yourself means not swearing and drinking, that's you and that's amazing so don't think I DON'T like moms who won't swear or drink).

I'm just realizing that I use this tactic to make others feel comfortable around me because we generally attract people most like us. Letting them know they can drop their guard and be themselves is what I always aim for.

We all have something going on that we don't put out into the world so willingly (which is okay). But my mission is to make everyone and anyone feel comfortable right when they meet me.

Do I great them with a "Hey bitch, nice to meet you"? No. I'm not that fucking stupid. But if a situation calls for it, I just kind of let my true thoughts fly and don't hold it in.

I want you to know you are accepted in my inner circle and you are allowed to be yourself around me too!

And now swearing is just part of my speech pattern. It's so hard to check it when needed. I need to just be free to be myself, I can only keep it in so long :)

And the drinking thing?

Well I have kids. 'Nuff said.

I just like my beer. And sometimes after a long day at work, or a long day with screaming kids, it's how I unwind. And I'm okay with that, and I don't really feel a need to appologize for it.

And might I just say, I think there is this stereotype about beer. Why is it more acceptable or sophisticated for a girl to have a glass of wine at the end of the day and not a beer? It must be the carbs :)

So here we are, foul-mouthed sisters clinking our glasses (or bottles) together! I salute you mamas.

Are you with me or against me? What are your thoughts?

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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