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New Year, New You.

Updated: Mar 26

That age old phrase "What's you new you?" has got me thinkin' ladies. My new commitment this year is all about getting it done and to stop second-guessing myself! You in?!

Anyone else guilty of questioning their decisions way too often? (insert hand raise).

I have caught myself doing this at work one too many times this past year, and it totally pisses me off!

I will be in a meeting and answer someone's questions, but because I mentally second-guessed myself, they totally saw it. And then they have to question if my answer is even right.

So humbly, I leave the meeting, look up the answer, and BAM! There it is. Right in front of my face. I WAS right. Why did I act like I didn't know???? God that annoys me!

Ugh. No more of that this year. And I want you guys to be with me here.

I feel like even the most confident women can still be guilty of questioning their decisions too often.

It's an unpleasant fact that women are too often thought of as being indecisive, but that's some bullshit ladies, and I know you know that.

There are a lot of women out there, I repeat A LOT, of women out there killin it with confidence (major props to you!) - able make a million decisions at the drop of a hat and never look back. Yes, we all have these moments, but mine are definitely not as often as I would like to claim.

I find that at home I am consistently confident about my decisions for our family because I am usually the only one making them, and because I have to (my husband is an amazing man but you get it...).

If you really think about it, what working mom doesn't have to make a million fucking decisions in her day? But why do I question myself so much more outside of the home, at work, surrounded by dudes, than I do when I'm the CEO of my household?

I work in a male-dominated office and over the years I've seen firsthand the inequality in our country's work force now that I'm paying more attention. And to keep it real, this is not a man-bashing session. There are very capable, smart, dedicated hard-working guys out there (my husband absolutely included..that's one reason why I married him), but I know for a fact you can think of at least two men at your job who, if they were a woman, probably wouldn't be holding the same position as they are now.

So as to not diverge from the purpose of my post too much, I will just leave that there. But my main point is that I think to begin a new outlook and approach to workforce confidence, it's important to actually acknowledge the inequality that is there. It puts into focus the added effort we must put in to be taken seriously (fair or not).

As in....to stop fucking questioning our decisions :)

So no, It's not ALL of the decisions I make with my day (can I even note there that questioning some things before committing to them may even be considered wise in some circles), but it's still a select few .

Why do I feel the need to think I am always wrong, or that I don't ever know what I'm talking about? Do you ever get like that too?

This year I am working on owning my shit and not apologizing. I have gotten pretty good at this when it comes to body image but work decisions are an area that needs work.

As women, it is imperative that we don't give others room to question us unnecessarily, basing their hesitation only on the existence of our own hesitation!

We need to be the biggest cheerleaders for ourselves! All be it in a humble manner but a proud, confident manner at that!

Do you struggle with questioning yourself too? What else do you want to start working on?

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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