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Quote Of The Month - Dec. 2019

Updated: Mar 26

"Perfectly Imperfect": A short quote that packs a lot of impact! Words to help us remember where true beauty lies and how to manage expectations.

And if you're diggin' deep on this one, it can even help you figure out what you are actually trying to accomplish (with a task, with your day, or even with your life). This makes the cut as our Quote of the Month because it can serve many purposes, and it does so with just two words.

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Things are always changing

It's so easy to get caught up in daily life and expectations, that we forget to take a step back and ask" what we are really trying to accomplish?" Nowadays, as we are all plugged in and connected, we seem to be striving for "perfection" everywhere. While there is nothing wrong with making things great, "perfection" can lead us to an unreachable standard. I feel like true perfection, or the idea of what perfection would be, can never truly be attained. If you stare at something long enough, or work at something hard enough, you can always find something minor to nitpick at or see something you want change. Again, not bad to improve stuff, but it just goes to my thought that nothing is ever perfect.

Add on that even further....life is always moving. Nothing ever stays the same for long. It's one of life's cruelest and most beautiful gifts, all at the same time. What's 'perfect' today may not be 'perfect' tomorrow, whether that's for good or bad.

What is perfect anyway?

If we are shooting for OUR idea of perfection, then see above. But if we are shooting for someone else's idea of perfection, well.... that will be a losing battle every time my friend! I remember this one moment in time that I was really struggling with self-confidence, and my twin sister said to me that "worrying about other's opinions is like letting them define who you are". It stopped me in my tracks, literally, and I've never looked back. She was so right. The thought of 'perfection' is just somebody else's opinion. And we are not going to let someone's else's opinion determine our own self-worth and beauty!

One size does not fit all

What's good for one is not always good for another. We all are raised to learn different standards of beauty as we grew up. So again, what really is 'perfect' other than an opinion?! There are so many definitions of perfection and beauty out there, shouldn't we embrace them all, and even strive to create new ones?!

In recent years, as I look to raising my own children and reflecting on my own childhood, I feel like I can start to see a slight shift in the world's definition of beauty. And for that I am grateful. However, nothing good stays good unless we continue to work on it and address it. There is still a long way and many more steps to take for greater inclusion and understanding, but I'm thankful there is a start.

My personal push to grow this mindset throughout the world is to spread and encourage the thought that we need to see imperfection as the true beauty. It is literally what distinguishes us all apart and what gives life flavor. If we were all the same, and all "perfect", I'm not sure that is a world I want to be a part of. Our imperfections are what make us great.

YOU are Perfectly Imperfect girl! Remember that differences are beautiful and so are you.

Cottage Market Co. is Perfectly Imperfect

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