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Updated: Mar 26

4 Easy Steps to Positive Thinking

I have been dying to share these 4 simple steps that anyone can do do, any day, that will only require maybe 40 seconds of your day, literally! Can you stretch it longer for better results? Of course you can and I would encourage you to, but if you're a busy mom, preoccupied sister, or whatever else ya got goin' on, 40 seconds is a pretty good start! Am i right?

How to think more positively about yourself

And I know what you're thinking, "is this chick serious?". I am not a sappy girl by nature so when this topic was first brought up to me I may have inwardly rolled my eyes and gave a quick 'sure I'll do it' to my therapist.

(Slight detour....after years of being opposed to talk therapy for no concrete reason other than stubbornness and my own stupidity, I am now a strong advocate for it! I have only gone for a short time period in my life, maybe three months, but I cannot overstate what a difference it has made in my mindset. I definitely recommend this to others and never hesitate to go back if the need arises again).

Anyways, back to the lesson at hand. Throughout my life I have had numerous people tell me I am way too hard on myself.

"But isn't that how we should be?" was my retort. Um, no ma. I was getting it all wrong. If I wasn't willing to bash, think, or talk negatively about another person in my same situation, why was it okay to do that to myself??!! (another topic I need to address further with ya'll but more on that gem later).

As a response to my negativity, I was given actionable steps to help me journey down a new path to self-acceptance. And it was called Daily Affirmations. Yep, we've all heard of it, but maybe you're like me and have never heard of it as a tool to be used.

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What's an affirmation?

An affirmation is a form of emotional encouragement we use as a way to remind ourselves or others, how great we are, how loved we are, any comment that provides us emotional support or comfort. "I am worth it", "I can do this", "God has forgiven me", "I am not the sum of my mistakes", "you are just as good as anyone else". (Those are probably all my affirmations but tell yourself what you gotta).

So, how do we use this tool? Maybe your telling yourself, "OK. I can say those things but just saying those doesn't mean I'm gonna believe them".

I hear you.

That's why this is an exercise. If you want to lose weight and expect results you need to exercise more than once a year right? Well if you want results into shifting your negative mindset, you need to exercise your new thoughts more than once. This mindset shift works! But you MUST repeat these three steps EVERY DAY for at least 4 weeks. I know you got this girl! If the queen of procrastination (me) can do this, then so can you. So lets get to it:

The 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1.

Tell yourself one positive thing you know about yourself.

Step 2.

Tell yourself one positive thing maybe other's have said to you.

Step 3.

Tell yourself one positive thing you want to think about yourself.

Step 4.

Repeat daily

That's it. And your affirmations can change each day or they can stay the same. These are your affirmations. For you. Period.

Sounds easy? Not always. Especially when, if like me, you've doubted yourself and repeated the negative comments for SO many years. But when you limit it to only 3 things, it does make it easier and it takes off some of the pressure.

I know you can do it! We all can. And if you have any trouble at first, just Google "affirmations". There are a million lists people have come up with that can get you started. Thank God for Google right?

You can recite these three affirmations in your head first thing when you wake up, and/or last thing before you go to bed.

Recite them in your head any time of day but make sure you say them every day! That's the bare minimum approach. And maybe this is enough for some. But if it's not, then here's the "further" approach I was talking about.

Delve Deeper for Best Results

Now here's the trick to delving deeper or spending more time on it.

Write it down. Each. And. Every. Day.

So many studies have shown that we as humans, are visual people. There is something about taking the extra effort to write something down, and then being able to physically see it in front of you, that makes a WORLD of difference to our mindset. Write it down on a napkin, keep a journal, write it on your fridge, or use these FREE affirmation sheets I've created for you to use. It doesn't matter where or when, it just matters that you see it. And as said earlier, your affirmations can change from day to day, or you can repeat the same ones.

You got this

My sincere hope is that you are able to stick with this and make it through the storm. If not, at least you have a new tool to go to when you really need it. While I no longer write down my affirmations daily, it is a mindset that has stuck with me.

Yes, the negative talk will sometimes creep in, but I feel more prepared and stronger nowadays. I have an affirmation or a positive thought to combat it with. I know that sounds corny, but it's amazingly empowering. I can turn my thoughts around and no longer drown in the negative.

You know the term "fake it till you make it"? That's because they know about the power of positive thoughts and actions. When you no longer allow the negative thoughts to pull you down, you only have one way to go sister.

So go ahead and start your mindset shift. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

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      ~xoxo Marie

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