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Spring Cleaning - 5 simple tips to kick it off right!

Time to purge some clutter and lower your anxiety. Open the windows, let the fresh air in, and have the sunshine....shine on all the dust (um, yikes!).

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I know it sounds wierd, but I aboslutly LOVE spring cleaning. Mainly becuase it means I FINALLY found some time to clean, but also because getting rid of the extra clutter that accumulates out of nowhere is so freeing.

It's a proven fact that cleaning reduces anxiety when you empty your space of unnecessary things. Ya know, those half-done projects we say we will get to, only to curse every time we see them because we have no time to get to it?!

Anyways, I'm only venting because I know I am not alone. And I know there are some strange cats out there like me who want to be decluttering too!

I recently purchased this Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (that comes out April 29th!) and found some amazing tips for cleaning, organizing, and designing my rooms! Yes, I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, but when I saw how much cool stuff they had in here for such a low cost (only $29.97!), I couldn't wait for the release date and bought one for myself early with my affiliate link.

And now I'm sharing some of what I learned here in this post. So while I recommend checking out this Bundle, if you don't have time then just follow along with these simple tips below!

Tip 1: Make a goal to complete one room or closet a day (or week, whatever your schedule allows, but STICK WITH IT.

It's less daunting when you face it one project at a time. My bedroom closet is enough to last me hours, between the clothes, paperwork, and whatever useless junk I have in there.

Once that's done, the pretty sight of organization gets me motivated to start the next project on my list, like the linen closet or putting away our winter gear for the season (amen! am I right?!)

Tip 2: If you haven't used it since the last spring clean, then you likely don't need it. Get rid of it to declutter your space!

It's a known fact that clutter produces anxiety. Yes there are varying degress of minimalism, but you know what clutter looks like and what you can and cannot tolerate. Get rid of the shit you don't use and free up that space!

Tip 3: Cleaning isn't just about scrubbing. Don't forget to go through your closet and donate the clothes you don't wear.

True confession, I keep shit I can't fit into all the time. I mean, who doesn't? And if you're always on a budget (over here!) then you save 'em because you don't want to have to spend money on new clothes "when you lose that weight." I say....Fuck it! And you should tell yourself the same thing too.

If it doesn't fit, if it's itchy, you don't like it, or it's too old, then just dontate it already. And if you do lose that weight (you're fucking awesome), hit the thrift stores to stay on budge. Resale stores STILL count as retail therapy! Speaking from experience over here.

Tip 4: Scrub a dub dub. Roll your sleeves up, get those gloves on, and start that deep scrub of the dreaded bathroom.

Time to get in those corners, grout lines, and hidden spots you don't get to on a normal basis. Mine is the disgusting spot behind the toilets and the floor corners in my bathroom. Eww! I get the heeby jeebies just talking about it. But nevertheless, it needs to get done! The more often you clean it, the less disgusting it is when you have to clean the next time around.

Tip 5: Pantries, oven hoods, and kitchen cupboards get suprisingly dirty. Time to shine em up!

We all know to clean out the fridge every now and then but what about the pantry/junk cupboard? My kids leave fucking crumbs and empty boxes everywhere in our pantry, so I feel I'm always cleaning it. But maybe you need the reminder. And cupboards - our cupboards have no handles so grease builds up on the wood from fingertips (eww).

Bonus Tip: Take it easy on yourself!

Do only what you can when you can. You're not a machine. If you don't feel like scrubbing the damn toilet...then don't. And don't forget to have the entire household pitch in! I'm a control freak so sometimes I prefer the bigger cleaning jobs to myself so I know they actually get done, but that doesn't mean I don't give the kids their daily chores to help out, like washing the dishes and taking out the extra garbage bags.

I know these are not groundbreaking tips and seem like common sense, but sometimes we just need a reminder.

So now that I reminded you of extra work to do, lets just go have a drink instead! yeah?

Got some tips you want to share? Let's hear 'em. Comment below!

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