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Summer Skin Favorites!

Updated: Mar 26

Yes! Has this season finally made it upon us? 🤞 While I would hate to jinx us all, even if summer hasn't officially stuck around long enough to say "it's here", our pasty winter skin has said 'it's time' - time to fix me up and show me off!

No matter your size, color, shape, imperfection - we are determined to embrace ourselves and try one summer where we are NOT going to get that first-of-summer cringe of self-conciousness. It's a big demand, I know, but I'm goin' for it full steam this year.

To help me on my summer wind up, here are the Top 3 Cottage Favorites for summer skin!

1. Raw Honey Foot Scrub Lotion

The number one favorite in the Market has to be this lotion. An ingenious mixture of coconut oil, Dead Sea salt, and raw honey has us asking for more! Massage a nice amount to your feet and rub away the day with this foot scrub then rinse off with warm water to leave your feet super soft. While the sea salt acts as a natural exfoliant, you will be amazed at how smooth your skin will feel after your done. Raw hony and coconut oil have no match.

2. Cracked Heel Cream

I absolutely hate wearing shoes and go barefoot as often as I can. Which means I don't need to elaborate on how much this cream saves me from needing a daily pedicure. Ultra moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil are combined with Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree essential oils for an amazing cooling effect your feet will thank you for! Not to mention the natural anti-bacterial properties from the Tea Tree oil. Don't miss out on this one!

3. Cuticle Butter

I can't help but have my hands in the dirt at the cottage. Pulling weeds and planting color in my yard is a great form of free therapy for me. But, it leaves my nails a mess and drys out my hands beyond belief. Our Cuticle Butter is just what's needed to remedy this situation. Shea butter and essential oils do their job once again. And as an added bonus, this 2 oz. tin is large enough that I usually end up rubbing my cuticle lotion on my entire hands! Can't beat it.

So browse through our Skin Care line and let us know what you think your favorites are! Enjoy your summer and most of all..... show off your amazing skin. I'm going for it this year, cellulite and all :)

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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