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Surviving Motherhood - A Silly Trick

Updated: Mar 26

Ain't no hood like motherhood, that's for sure! There are so many different tribes of ladies out there conquering motherhood in their own unique way and I love them all.

But if your way is slightly off-beat, maybe you think your kind of nuts sometimes...then hang with me my friend, because we've got a simple trick to help you not lose your shit so often, chill out, and get that 5 minutes of peace and quiet you've been killing for.

Okay, maybe not a full five minutes, but I'm tryin' here, really.

Read on for our simple mom-hack

Not your average mom blog

While I'd love for this to be that mom blog that has all of the answers...um spoiler alert...it ain't.

So, since I dont' have any answers, I'm just gonna keep it real and fill you in on some little shit I figure out along the way, hoping maybe it can help you a tiny bit to know these are not really failures and that you are not the only mom muttering aloud "what the fuck" to herself every day.

Deal? (hoping you're saying "deal")

So, we're just a sisterhood of mamas wingin' it and trying ot survive with some grace, humor, and maybe a little bit of vodka. Or a lot of vodka. Either way....I don't judge.

Super-mom: 1, Kids: 9

So, to set the stage for how I stumbled across my mom-hack earlier this week, I need to fill you in on the current state of my super-mom scorecard.

It's current score probably has me as 1 for 10. As in, my kids actually hear me and do as I ask 1 out of every 10 times I say something. Well, shit.

And, while this scorecard may imply that they are somehow leaving me alone as they ignore me, or suggest that I could somehow gain some peace and quiet the other nine times they avoid me, that is NOT the case.

They are NOT playing quietly in their rooms, or reading, or doing chores, or praising my amazing parenting skills, or calling me a great cook, or saying how thin and beautiful I am. Nope.

They are fighting with each other.

Or, they are getting along only to team up on me with one of their silly pranks or inside jokes.

Either way, it's been a shit show lately at my house - a loud one at that - and this mama is starting to




On the verge of giving up

I was in such dire need of a moments peace that I hid in the bathroom the other day, as this wass the only room in our house with a lock my kids cannot pick.

While I was in there, I started getting down on myself thinking that if I was a "better mom" I would be out there addressing this lack of discipline instead of giving up and hiding in the bathroom.

Because truth be told, I was fucking tired. My husband had been working 70 hour weeks, I work 40+, and then come home to my "second" job and taking care of the kids and home with no energy left in the tank.

We were both exhausted parents and it was just one of those weeks where I didn't want to deal. I mean, life just happens that way sometimes, it's not a new thing.

So, instead of boarding my negativity train, I jumped the tracks and gave myself a break for once.

A mom-brain epiphany

And then, while I started to come back around, something amazing happened (can we cue the angel hymns and streaming light?)

I thought of a way to do something "relaxing" for myself and rejuvinate my tired, stressed, winter-pale skin.

I found a clay face mask stashed in the back of my bathroom makeup drawer and started applying it whlie I was hiding in the bathroom, with seemingly nothing else to do.

Not an exactly earth-shattering moment, I know. Nor is it this super cute, clever mom hack.

But there it is ===> give yourself some homemade spa time or skin rejuvination while hiding from your kids in the bathroom!

I mean, we're already in there anyways right? Why not take that time to gather our shit, put on blinders, hope the kids don't know where the matches are, and pamper our skin for a few quick minutes?

Boss up

You will leave your hideout feeling a little more refreshed, a little less like the washed-up mommy and more like the hot mom, and a little bit stronger to face on those helions and show 'em who's really boss.

So...take your moment - no shame - pamper your skin, and come back feelin' like the boss you truly are mom!

And also don't forget you are not alone throwing your hands up some days and just wanting to say "fuck it!" We all get there some days, maybe as God's way of forcing us to chill out, and then we all get back up and get back to business!

Please let me know I am not alone in this ladies! Comment below on your favorite 'hiding spot' if you've got one.

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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