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Ultimate Top 3: Women-Owned Brands We're Thankful For

Updated: Mar 26

These fellow sisters are killin' it on business, life, and giving back to others (especially in motivating or inspiring other women)!

While there is a lot to reflect and be thankful for this Thanksgiving season (hello awesome husband, kids, and family), we chose to focus this post on amazing women whose strive to spread good in the world by inspiring and helping other women with their brand. Of course I could list more than three, but with the busy holiday week, we wanted to keep it a short read for you all and narrow it down to our ULTIMATE TOP 3 brands!

So I guarantee that if you haven't found any of these awesome sisters yet, you will love them right away just as I did! Check out our favorite influencers, blogs, shops, and podcasts that we can't get enough of!

1. Natural Life

From NaturalLife.com

I don't even remember how I fell upon this business but I instantly fell in love! This female-owned business seems to share the same vision and though as Cottage Market Co. in that (from my perspective) they promote loving life and the simple things. It is just a great shop to visit for little bouts of inspiration and a wide range of goodies. Most of the items they sell have a sort of "Boho" vibe to them that I can't get enough of. Their collections are so colorful and automatically aim to put out good vibes and share some happy. Search for everything here from home goods, clothes, accessories, items for your car...a sorts of gifts. Check out this cute car accessory I bought for my twin sister when she needed a pick-me-up:

2. Jenna Kutcher

From JennaKutcher.com

Maybe not everyone knows who she is but as a fellow women entrepreneur, this chick blows me away. I listen to her podcast religiously and love the way she naturally engages her audience as friends. Even if you aren't into starting a business, she still has a ton of valid advice and topics to check out. We love her because of her willingness to teach and encourage women to be themselves. A MUST to check out on her blog, podcast, Instagram, or website. And who better to showcase what she's all about then Jenna herself - so...here's an excerpt from her website, in her own words. I mean seriously..nuff said!

"Ya wanna know what lights me up? Making people feel, own, and celebrate their enough-ness and feel less alone… because sometimes this journey gets hella lonely and our only friends are called Ben + Jerry (and they conveniently come in the gallon size, Chunky Monkey anyone?) If I can be that permission granter in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done."

3. The Lazy Genius

From The Lazy Genius Collective podcast

One of the first times I felt like someone could finally help me with my domesticated nightmare I call house work. I mean, as a full-time working mom, or as a full-time woman (period), getting stuff done at home just seems continuously overwhelming! Over the years I've found little ways to make this shit easier, but one podcast in to The Lazy Genius and miss Kendra had me feeling like I was ready to take on the world! She covers literally everything from meal planning, laundry, chores, book reviews...any topic related to both women and motherhood (no her whole brand is not about motherhood so if you don't have any kids, PLEASE still check her out, you won't be disappointed). My favorite was to sum Kendra up is by her tagline, "Be lazy about the things that don't matter, and a genius about the things that do"! Love her!

If you happen to check any out and want to leave your thoughts, post a comment! We would love to hear what you think!

We'd love to hear from you more often & build a community of like-minded amazing sisters!  Check us out further for some good ol' fun on this little thing called Instagram!

      ~xoxo Marie

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