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Why the Fu*k Are You Shouting?!

Updated: Mar 26

As a mom of two, born and bred in a loud Italian family, I am accustomed to (and so I thought, immune) to constant noise and chatter. Recently, as my kids approach 7 and 9, I am realizing I am NOT in fact "immune".

They scream. All. The Fucking. Time.

"What the fuck" is all I can say to myself anymore. While some may consider the parenting style of my husband and I somewhat different, I love it. My kids are well

-behaved (generally) outside the home but inside the home... well, shit.

I know its hard for kids to keep their shit together all day so I understand them letting go at home. To add to that, we often joke and play loudly with our kids. My husband also has the knack for annoying them beyond reason as payback and makes them scream incessantly more....hence, the constant noise.

But even without his annoyance, they are loud all the time! "Mom. Mom. Mom". Like that legit happens with kids on the daily for any sisters reading that are not blessed with children at the moment. They scream at the tv, they scream when they fight each other, they shout when they are hyper, they shout when they wake up in the middle of the night, and they shout when they wake up at 5am. Why the fuck are they shouting?!!

But to make it even worse, I find myself shouting at them to "stop shouting". Yes, I attempt more diplomatic approaches first but I can only hold my shit for so long. They just keep going. So just breezing past their disrespect issue...it gets to the point where I have to shout to be heard.

What is the point to this post you ask? Here it is:

I don't have my shit together, obviously. But I'm just here to say real quick that it's okay for you not to have it all together either girl!

Yes, I hide in the bathroom from my family. Yes, I drink a beer after work every day to chill out. And yes, I love my crazy, loud life - just as it is.

But Fuck!....Sometimes it's a bit much, ya know? And that's okay to say.

You're not alone mama.

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      ~xoxo Marie

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