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Your favorite linen sprays packaged into a cute 3-set gift pack...
Because your house doesn't have to be clean to smell clean! - mom hack 101


Save your sanity with unexpected guests and spray any linen or furniture with these natural linen sprays to refresh your space.
Handcrafted with essential oils & fragrance oils, our sprays cover with a light mist that absorbs quickly!
Choose your scent package in the drop-down list as follows:

  • FRESHNESS:  Fresh Linen, Gardenia, Cucumber Melon
  • CALMING: Fresh Linen, Lavender & Lemon, Rosemary & Lavender
  • ENERGY: Eucalyptus & Mint, Lemon, Gardenia
  • PET LOVER: Dog Linen Spray, Fresh Linen, Eucalyptus & Mint

(Note:  all essential oils in PET LOVER set are safe for all dogs)

3-Set Linen Spray

  • Detailed Info

    Hand crafted with: Isopropyl alcohol, deionized water, essential oils

    Size: 4oz. cobalt blue glass spray bottle