Wake up your tired skin with this Coffee Scrub!  Not only does it smell great, these coffee grounds are infused with essential oils to moisturize your skin as it exfoliates.  


And did we mention coffee's best side effect?  It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.  We all have it so no shame there.  So while Cottage Market prides ourselves on being honest, here's the skinny (no pun intended) on cellulite creams and scrubs:

  • No matter what any product states, NO cellulite product will ever get rid of your cellulite, that comes from some very expensive medical procedures or some hard work outs and lifestyle changes.
  • It WILL however, help smooth out your skin cells to reduce the appearance of it.  Just like putting on makeup, you're not removing that blemish, you're reducing its appearance :)


And we shouldn't care anyway!  We all have cellulite, just rock it!  EXCEPT... please rock it with our Coffee Scrub :)  Smells great, exfoliates the dead skin, and moisturized like you wouldn't believe.  It's a win-win, no matter your intentions.

Coffee Scrub


    Contains one - 8oz container with wooden spoon for scooping.

    Handcrafted with sugars, fresh coffee grounds, organic coconut oil,  and essential oils.

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      ~xoxo Marie

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