Pink and blue "fairy dust" are a fun way to show your little party guests how special they are to you!


Packaged in small glass vials, these party favors make unique bath salts for any girl's birthday. 

Created with epsom salt, sea salt, and gold cupcake glitter, these fairy dust vials are sure to excite your party-goers!

Fairy Dust Bath Salts - Party Favors

  • What You Get

    5 glass vials of pink and blue bath salts, combined with gold cupcake glitter to mimic "Fairy Dust"

  • Made With

    Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, essential oil, gold cupcake glitter, and skin-safe soap colorant

  • Care Info

    Party favors are small, one oz. glass vials with silver cap. No extra care instructions, just be careful not to break the glass.  Try to use within 6 months of purchase for best mineral effect from Epsom salts.

    Pour entire vial into warm bath water for a little sparkle and scent!

  • Packaging

    Glass vials are individually labeled wtih twine around each lid. Safely pacakged in kraft box. If you would like multiple orders packaged into one box, please leave note in "Custom Text" field.

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