3-pack purple bath bomb with pink melted "frosting" that is actually soap!  

Decorated with gold cupcake glitter and pastel-colored sprinkles, a yummy treat for bath time!  Our "Fruity Cupcake" scent is delicious too!


Fun for little girls' birthdays or even adult birthdays! I know I love my bath bombs. And you're never too old to have some fun ladies!


Gift for baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, or just because!
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Melted Cupcake Bath Bombs

  • What You Get

    3 purple cupcake bath bombs

  • Made With

    Bath Bomb - baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, coconut oil, witch hazel, skin-safe soap colorant, essential oil, flavoring oil

    Melted "frosting" - shea butter soap, skin-safe soap colorant, cupcake glitter, cupcake sprinkles

  • Care Info

    Store in a cool, dry place to avoid softening or even actual melting of the "melted frosting", otherwise known as soap.  Soaps are fairly tolerable to heat but not for prolonged periods of time, like ALL soaps.  Our best advice is to not leave them baking in your hot, 100 degree car...just sayin'.  

    Please note Cottage Market Co. cannot garauntee temperature of products during shipment. Please review our Terms & Conditions.

  • Packaging

    Bath Bombs are sealed in plastic wrap and shipped in a small Kraft gift box with shredded paper cushioning. Box tied with twine.

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